Ceado V90 Ice Crusher

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The first vertical ice crusher in the commercial sector. Thanks to the original Ceado patented ice-crushing system, V90 crushes up to 2kg of ice a minute and can therefore be used to prepare a single cocktail directly in the glass or to prepare the quantity of ice necessary for several hours of work.

COCKTAIL FIT | With its stainless steel blade assembly and the considerable torque of its powerful gear-motor with bronze gear, V90 crushes ice cubes in a few seconds into pieces that are just the right size for preparing the best muddled drinks such as Caipirinha or Mojito.

THINK STRONG | Light alloy housing and stainless steel container. V90 is safe and reliable.

WORK BETTER | One cocktail at a time or an output of 120 kg/h. V90 allows operators to work as is most convenient for them depending on the time of day, serving customers instantly or preparing the crushed ice in advance.

SAFETY | The patented shutoff system not only ensures operator safety, but also makes it easier to use the ice crusher and therefore to work fast in optimum conditions.