Our Story

Anurati Global is headquartered in Switzerland with Branch/Independent operations in India, Europe, UK and the Americas.

Hébbey Coffee is an Anurati Global initiative under which we manage our global coffee operations.

Backed by a rich heritage in growing coffee since 1857, Hébbey Coffee is a complete bean-to-cup company offering globally freshly roasted single origin coffee. We also represent some of the world's best brands for Coffee Brewing Equipment, Bar Equipment and Accessories.

Our single origin speciality coffee is grown with lots of love and care under a 3 tier natural canopy at an altitude of 3500 to 4500 ft in the Western Ghats of India. Our estates are fed by natural stream water from the surrounding hills that receive the highest average rainfall in the region every year. We are highly conscious about the ecological balance of our estates and care is taken at every step of cultivation. Our coffee grows harmoniously with pepper vines, cloves, dadaps and wild figs which naturally contributes to its refreshing taste. Our beans are hand-picked, washed, sun dried and cured with utmost care. In addition to the coffee that we grow, we have access to some of the best grown coffee in our neighbouring regions. Lastly, we professionally roast our coffee to absolute perfection at our own roasting facility, with every batch overseen by our highly experienced Roast Masters before packaging fresh and shipping to your doorstep!

Hébbey Coffee is synonymous with a great cup had hot or cold!