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9Barista. The first jet engineered stove-top espresso machine. It is beautifully simple. It has no electronics and only one moving part. 

Inherent reliability

Constructed from solid brass and then nickel-plated, and with no electronics or moving parts (apart from a spring) 9Barista is engineered to last a lifetime.

Small & versatile

Small, compact and perfectly formed, 9Barista works on any cooker, from electric hobs including induction (with separate plate), to domestic and camping gas stoves!

Made in the UK

9Barista is designed and manufactured in the UK, with all machines shipped directly from our headquarters here in Cambridge.

Professional espresso

9Barista consistently produces perfect brewing conditions just like the large machines at your local café. The result? Exquisite espresso with a perfect crema.

Cost & speed

9Barista uses fresh ground coffee, not pods. If you add up the cost, 9Barista will pay for itself within about a year. It’s also fast – only 3-5 minutes to make an espresso from cold.