ROK EspressoGC Black

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DELIVERY : 12 to 16 Weeks 

Hébbey is the Authorised Reseller for ROK in India.

ROK, made in London, UK. The ROK’s elegant lever arms deliver true manual espresso power smoothly, without the built-in obsolescence of electric machines. 
It’s an intimate, 25 second pull that really connects you to the miracle that is espresso.

Locked & Loaded. Fill the portafilter with your freshest espresso ground, tamp down and lock in place. It’s a robust piece of kit, built-to-last.

Just Add Hot Water. Whether kitchen boiled, or on a trekking stove, your hot water is cunningly delivered to the heat-insulating glass-composite pressure chamber by simply raising the arms. From here on, it's zero energy consumption – a manual espresso machine leaves electric pumps in a dystopian past.

Raise. Then Lower. Pulling down the arms applies all the pressure required for true espresso. Expect to feel some resistance, the amount is up to you. A good shot takes 25 to 30 secs to extract all those lovely oils. Its great for all tastes. Americano, Flat White, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato… a good double espresso is the foundation for many coffee styles.