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Hébbey is the Authorised Reseller for DALLA CORTE in India.

DALLA CORTE Mina Yellow, handmade in Milan, Italy. Make your desired coffee profile by controlling every phase of extraction. Mina is the espresso machine you need to pull an espresso that’s exactly as you want it.

Patented TechnologyOur patented DFR (Digital Flow Regulation) controls the flow in each stage of extraction. The valve opening can be pre-set with a 0,01mm precision. Pre-infusion can start from 0 bar.

PerformanceThe flow meter provides a perfect automatic dosing, but you can also control the extraction manually. Once you’ve found your ideal setting, you can pre-set an automatic dosing or you can extract in manual mode. With the Mina app you can easily set all parameters and connect Mina to the DC System (GCS, MCS, OCS).