OLYMPIA Express Moca

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DELIVERY : 12 to 16 Weeks

Hébbey is the Authorised Reseller for OLYMPIA EXPRESS in India.

OLYMPIA  Express Moca, handmade in Switzerland. The fresh way to grind coffee, revamped in 2014. The OLYMPIA Express Moca has stood side by side with the Maximatic and the Cremina from the outset as the perfect grinder. In 2014 we changed the functioning principle, design and grinding burrs completely. Professional grinding burrs. Fresh grinding directly into the portafilter.

The Moca grinds fresh powder into the portafilter. The grinder is reliable, precise and built with premium materials mostly by hand, only first-class steel, aluminium and genuine glass. Typical Swiss design and Swiss made quality. The grinder is the ideal match for Cremina and Maximatic espresso machines.