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DELIVERY : 12 to 16 Weeks

Hébbey is the Authorised Reseller for ROK in India.

ROK, made in London, UK. ROK's easy vertical action is such a better feeling than horizontal mechanisms, with an incredibly consistent grind - whether espresso or cafetiere. Enjoy gently milling those beans as they pop and release their lovely aroma!

For Any Grind. From cafetiere-coarse to espresso-fine, the ROK grinder does it all. Fine-tune the grind size precisely, with simple hand-turn adjustment. Hardened steel conical burrs combined with a long, stable axle ensure remarkably consistent particle size and fluffiness – up there with the best electric beasts.

Visual Treat. Add fresh beans to the wide hopper, drink-in their glorious promise and prepare to watch them spiral down and transform into perfect miniature taste bombs. Gently mill those beans with an easy, vertical winding, geared to give maximum feel and control. Enjoy the moment, without any jarring buzz-saw noise. Let the growing aroma assail your senses with the promise of coffee perfection to come.

Engineered To Last. ROK grinder is solidly engineered to last decades and minimise energy use. No unnecessary electric motor to wear out – we harness simple mechanical advantage. The burrs are case-hardened to keep their edge, and if after a year or two’s heavy use you want to replace them, it’s a simple job to fit new ones.