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DELIVERY : 6 to 12 Weeks

Hébbey is the Authorised Reseller for SUPERKOP in India.

SUPERKOP, engineered in the Netherlands. Maintenance free enjoyment for generations to come. Grind your own beans or use ground beans. Make your coffee in SUPERKOP in three easy steps :

Grind the Beans. Grind the beans or use ground beans, fill your portafilter and tamp the coffee.

Add Boiling Water. Place the cup on the portafilter, pour boiling water into the cup and slide the combination into the device.

Pull the Lever. Pull the lever six times and push it gently to release the piston. Enjoy your espresso!

PLEASE NOTE : SUPERKOP Black comes in Stand-Alone & Wall-Mounted-Version as shown in the product images. For the Wall-Mounted-Version, PLEASE ORDER THE 'WALL-SET' SEPARATELY FROM THE 'ACCESSORIES' SECTION